Have you ever needed to escape life and plunge down a rabbit hole, so deep, so cavernous, that it is literally (physically/emotionally) impossible to come up for air until you’ve come out on the other side? If this need exists within you, crack open the Outlander Series. In 1991, Diana Gabaldon, wrote the first book of her Outlander Series and created an irresistible world in which readers are instantly sucked. The books center around 20th century British army nurse, Claire Randall who ends up time-traveling 200 years backwards and landing right smack in 18th century Scotland. She meets adventure, danger and major romance as she attempts to reconcile her wild ride. With eight books in the series, and each over 1000 pages each, Outlander is not for the faint of heart. Gabaldon takes three to five years to finish each book, with each novel so meticulously researched and schemed. Each book builds on the last and despite the length, Gabaldon leaves the reader panting for the next installment. Do yourself a favor and download the first three seasons of the Starz Outlander Series to whet your whistle and then dig in for the most fantastic, rollicking (and oh, so steamy) ride. (And then join the rest of us, as we wait for the ninth book, promised sometime in 2018.)


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